Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tried it Tuesday... creative use of business cards and printing services

So I have a chance to try out some Build A Sign services.  I took it and ran with it!  Yes I had a lot of fun!  The site is very user friendly.  The services are versatile.  I got exactly what I wanted, the way I wanted it!!

Aren't they cute?  I loved that I could use my clip art collection!!  The homework monster is a business card that I turned into a punch card for doing homework!  The pencil is a magnet that I am sending home for my students to hang their work on the fridge.  The first grade team is a magnet that lists our email addresses so that parents know who teaches what and how to contact us.  We are also color coordinated and I was able to change the font color to match our subject colors!

I love these!  The pencil is from my clip art collection.  Our students are scholars.  I love that my students will have a chance to show off work on their fridge.  

So I had to have a little fun too.  My family loves dragons, knights, castles, everything medieval so I got my boys a little something for their room.

They offer free shipping!  Their prices are reasonable.

You need to check out Build a Sign and have some fun too!!

BuildASign - Austin, TX