Sunday, June 30, 2013

Let's get acquainted linky!

This week it is tic tac toe.

I decided to go with the first column.

I went to Ohio State University at Lima.  The branch campus is much smaller than the Columbus campus, so you really get to know everyone there. I have many favorite memories.  I met my husband and got married while attending Ohio State.  I worked on campus in the support office for the professors.   While some of the professors were dry like their classes.  Others were great to work with!  They would tease me especially about my husband.
[Ackerman's picture]
This is my husband's and my favorite professor!

They were supportive and I got to see a side of them that many students did not.  It was like teachers in their down time.  Even though I do not get to see them anymore (since we live so far away) they hold a special place in my heart.

My Favorite Grade to teach and why.  This is really hard and I am not sure I can answer it.  I have loved all the grades I have taught.  Each for their own reasons.  I started with 1st for a year and a half.  I moved up to 2nd for a year and a half.  I went back to 1st for a year then to 5th for four years.  Now I am back in 1st.

I love the children in 1st.  They are energetic and loving.  It is hard since many of them cannot be very independent (even during lunch).

Second graders are still energetic and loving.  They are starting to get a little more independent and daring.  My drawback on 2nd is that is when you start talking about testing (which starts in 3rd grade).

5th graders are a whole different breed.  Many of them have started puberty so you get the "like" and "boyfriend/girlfriend" thing going on.  They are very independent so if I was having a bad day, seat work was possible.  I think my time in 5th is over.  I have determined not to go anywhere above 3rd.  I am a primary teacher for now.  This is where my heart is!

My first year of teaching.  I left this last on purpose.  I had an interesting experience I think few modern teachers have or will have.  I taught in a little country school.  We were so small there was one-two teachers per grade level.  I had a class of 20. I loved the students here.  They were hard working.  They had a lot of disadvantages, but they didn't let it stop them.  To show how country this school was, I had to remind my students not to chase the rooster that appeared on the playground.  Since the rooster had a nasty habit of chasing them back and not being nice about it.  I also had the privilege of teaching over the sound of the chickens in the spring.  Come to find out, they laid some eggs outside my classroom window. We also had the occasional visit from the field mice.  The students loved it when I caught one by the tail and escorted it out of the building.  We had old style radiators that were covered with lattice because they got so hot that we could get burned.  I loved this school!  I was sad to leave it.  6 months after I left, it was turned into an alternative school.  Now it is closed.

Tomorrow is July!  Can anyone slow this summer down, please?!?!


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Number pattern packet and freebie review

I have been busy trying to prepare for the next school year.  I came across two great packets that you should check out!

The first one is from First Grade Fairytales.

This packet not only has activities, but also posters!  My first graders had trouble with number patterns last year, so I was very excited to find this pack!  
I love how number patterns are explained.  This is two of the four posters in the pack along with practice for a pocket chart, a matching game, and practice sheets.  This pack is $3 and well worth it!  Find it here!

The second pack I have gotten done is a freebie!  

This pack has word problems that also show the problem with lady bugs and then the number sentence.  The last couple of pages leave out the ladybugs and the number sentence for students to figure out their own.  The pack comes with ladybugs for the students to use!

Check it out here!

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Friday, June 28, 2013

5 for Friday!


1.  My 16th wedding anniversary!

Crystal Shepherd

Today is my anniversary!  It is amazing how time flies when you look back.  We have three beautiful boys and I would not trade my hubby for anything in the world.

2.  Our whirlwind month

"The birthday rush" ends on July 9th.  We have three birthdays within 3 weeks in my house.  My oldest on the 20th, my hubby on the 22nd, and my middle boy on July 9th.  Add in a wedding anniversary and father's day (this year it was early which helped!), it is a crazy month around here.

3.  My spring cleaning

My spring cleaning has slowed down as I slowly catch up, but I have to start focusing on our upcoming vacation and school stuff!  I have loved finding a new cartoon mom each week to show what my life has looked like.  Just add a baby and that has been me!

4.  Preparing for the next school year!

I blogged how I worked on next year's binders.

I am also busy printing, laminating, cutting, and organizing next year's activities.  I am going to share a couple with you tomorrow that were freebies!!

5.  Vacation!

Our vacation this year is double duty.  We will be visiting family on our vacation.  We are traveling to our home state of Ohio!

I am continually updating the giveaways tab so check it out!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Classroom Management tools at ICTmagic

ICTmagic is a compilation of different resources by different developers.  This is where I originally met Class Dojo.  There are other resources that I use in my classroom and a couple others I am looking forward to diving into.

One that I use is the stoplight.  I use this for volume especially during center time.

The arrows control numbers that you can use at your discretion.  I use mine to record how many times I have stopped to warn them about their noise verbally.  To could also use it to remind the students what their voice level is supposed to be.

This application uses the microphone to measure the noise.  One of the problems with it is that you have to adjust the scale to where you want it.  The higher number is for more sensitive measurements and the lower number is for less sensitive measurements.  When my students got to the yellow/orange/red sections they had to freeze and wait until it went back to green before they continued.  The other problem is that you cannot have your speaker on during the application, so you cannot play music or games off of the computer the application is one.


I tried this application once.  It is meant to work so the students will be quiet and not bounce the balls.  Well my students wanted to bounce the balls so they got really loud.  It is too bad it cannot do the opposite.  I would love to see it bounce when they are quiet as a reward and stop when they are loud.

There are several other resources available so explore!!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Binders,Binders and more binders

Yesterday I started my organization for the next school year.  Then I ran out of ink... AGAIN.  So after getting another pack, I finished up the binder part last night.  I am combining several different kinds because they all had something I liked.  Now that I know what I am looking for, I will probably make my own next year.

Two of the sets were freebies and the third I bought.

Printable Kit for the Classroom teacher: Get organized and

This is the one I purchased.  I liked it because it included copies needed, a cover for each of the days of the week.  It also has notes I can use and labels that can be printed.  The substitute binder above is from this set.  It is very cute and very colorful!  I also made a binder for all my professional development from this set in addition to my plan book has a cover from this set.  I paid $7 for it and you can find it here.

Chevron Binder Covers and Spine Inserts  {FREEBIE}

This set was and is still free.  It only has covers and does not provide inserts.  I used the grade book cover from this set which you see above.  This set provided the months for me.  I am using it to organize my blacklines and probably a chapter breakdown.  You can find it here.

Editable Teacher Binder (Freebie)

This set is also still free and editable!  You can see it in the picture above.  Only a few pages are editable so you will be stuck with a few pages that are pre-made.   I am using the class list and attendance pages from this.  There were a couple of blank ones that I made my plan book cover and a student information binder cover.  You can find it here.

If you are looking at a tight budget or no budget, there are many organizers out there for you.  I will share some other aspects of my organization as I get it under control.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bloglovin Blog Hop

Tori came up with a lovely idea.  Both you and the bloggers benefit!

You have to go to Tori's blog and follow her blog then comment on her blog!

It's that easy!!!!

Congrats to my winner, Betsy!

Monday, June 24, 2013

I am a glutton for punishment! and a giveaway reminder

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Run!  If you haven't entered, there are only a few hours left!

So I am faced with not only organizing for math, a new science program, a STEM classroom, being a mentor....

Now my proposal to present at the NCCTM conference has been approved!  So I will be at the Math Conference this fall!  Now I also have the daunting task of putting together my presentation by the end of October.
For those who cannot join us in October, I will be putting the presentation and all the resources on my blog!

Tomorrow I also start my organization journey!  So stay tuned!


Sunday, June 23, 2013

A mentor?!?! Me?!?!

I received an email this week stating that they wanted me to be a mentor.  Really?  Maybe it is a typo, because I feel a little like the blind leading the blind.  This will be my 10th year of teaching, but I still have A LOT to figure out!  I ask a lot of questions.  I make mistakes.  I do try to help my colleagues when I can.  I just feel really nervous about taking total care of another teacher.  What are your thoughts and experiences?


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Five for Friday


My littlest got tired before I got a chance to write this up last night, then I feel asleep after he did.  Here it is my five for Friday.

1.  Spring Cleaning continues.  I know, spring is gone.  I have gotten a lot done in the past week.  Not many people can say that the floor under the fridge and stove is clean, but I can!  I am going to continue a little more in the following weeks , but I can slow down the pace a little, because...

2.  My son turned 15 this week!!

He is celebrating by having his best friend stay the night.  They were awake late into the night and are still out there sleeping right now.  We have adopted my son's best friend over the next couple of days since his family is going to a One Direction concert tonight.

3.  Today is my hubby's birthday.  This  time of year is a whirlwind.  The year my son was born was even more so.  In 1998...

13th.... The day I would have graduated in Columbus, Ohio.  However I was 9 month pregnant.
16th.... The day my son was due.
20th.... We were supposed to go get the oil changed and get me a haircut.  Then lunch with my grandmother.  My water broke on the way into the salon so we turned around and headed to the hospital instead.
22nd....Hubby's birthday
28th....Our 1 year anniversary

That was a hectic 2 weeks.  A whirlwind in the midst of that my hubby's aunt died and right after we moved.  So the next two weeks are hectic, but I can put it into perspective.

4.  My youngest turns 9 months tomorrow.  He is busy crawling around.  He hates being blocked.  He got a  new bouncy/walker seat yesterday.  We found it at a consignment shop for half price!

Now I have something to put him in for those pesky bathroom breaks and showers!  His brothers are great about watching him, but he is moving pretty fast now and sometimes they get a little distracted.

5.  I did get something school related done.  I tentatively mapped my science units.  We use core knowledge and the state curriculum.  Thank goodness there was only one unit where the two could not be combined.  It looks pretty good.  I just need to wait to get access to the new science program to finalize it.

Another busy week ahead and I am not even "working"!

Remember my little giveaway.  I am slowly making my way to 200!  You want to be there for that so make sure you are!



Thursday, June 20, 2013

I heart Cyberchase!

I am taking a break from spring cleaning to check in with you today, my oldest 15th birthday!!  I do not know if I will see the end of all my cleaning.  It seems that every time I get one place clean, another is a mess again!

Please do not think that I am a video teacher.  I very rarely show videos and when I do it is a special treat.  My dilemma for a couple of years is trying to find a good math video.  Then I really watched an episode of Cyberchase.  I realized that they were using a concept that I briefly covered in my 5th grade math curriculum.

This episode "Totally Rad" discusses perimeter and area and their relationship.

I used Cyber chase in 5th grade to reinforce some of the concepts were covered in class.  The first time I showed it in 1st grade, I was a little worried it would not appeal to them. Some of the concepts are a little over my 1st graders heads, but they are exposed to some vocabulary.

This episode is "Fortress of Attitude" and it deals with nonstandard measurement, which is a 1st grade standard.

Cyber Chase not only covers math concepts, but the children in the episodes have to problem solve, usually with math.  I also love the real life snippet at the end of the episodes.

Check out PBS for teacher resources and breakdown of Cyberchase episodes.

Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Amazon all have Cyberchase episodes.  You do have to pay a fee for these sites

PBS kids also has the episodes for free.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

A little giveaway for you!

Google Reader is going away! Some say that Google Friend Connect is not far behind! When this does happen there are ways that you can still follow my little blog! Be my stalker and you could win $10 to spend at TPT, TN, or treat yourself to Starbucks! Giveaway ends in 1 week!

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Favorite things...the beach edition

Favorite Graphic

1.  A book!!!  Here are a few I have my eye on!

2.  Something cool to drink


3.  A good beach chair and umbrella

4.  Special treats

Sunset Slush | Est. 2003

I love the beach!  Sometimes it takes just smelling the air and I can relax!


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Five for Saturday.....late again

1.  However I will explain why!  Thursday evening a storm blew through.  No big deal, we have seen A LOT worse!  The winds were rough.  We almost always lose power where we live.  It is usually two-three hours before it comes back on.  The worst was a hurricane and we lost power for  4 days.  We lost power at 6:30  PM.  I called it in (have them on speed dial!).  We got power back at about 11, the NEXT DAY!  No air, no lights, and no water (our well has an electric pump) for over 16 hours.  We were tired and miserable.

2. My summer began!!

Records done and classroom clean!

3.  My house gets some attention.

I have been cleaning like mad with the help of my littlest.  He does not like to be confined to one room.  So he follows me around and chases the vacuum!

4.  My guys get some time!

We have a busy schedule coming with vacation and birthdays start this next week!

5.  I get a little time  (usually at nap time).

Happy Saturday!  Happy father's day!