Monday, January 28, 2013

I saw my original mentor from my first school this evening.  It was great seeing her and it brought back great memories.  It is funny how you think when you are beginning.  It is very much like a teenager.  You do not want anyone to tell you anything.  You graduated with a degree, you can do it.  Now I admit I am more like an adult going to their parents and saying I do not know it all.  I need help.  I absorb everything I can now.  I know where I am weak.  I hope to think that I know where I am strong.  I now know that we are always learning.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

ICTmagic - Classroom Management & Rewards

ICTmagic - Classroom Management & Rewards
So okay I have been a little lazy with this.  I am really going to ramp it up now.  It may seem that the beginning will be ramblings.  I love the teaching blogs that show pictures and stuff, but I am a working teacher mother of 3 children.  I do not always have time to make the cutsy stuff to post.  When I do trust me I will get it up as soon as I can.  I also tend to get creativity on the fly.  This always helped when I substitute teach.  It can help and hurt me now.  I try to make sure to have resources and materials on hand in case I have a spark of inspiration.

I would love my blog to not only show teaching ideas, but give teachers a place to figure things out.  Maybe even vent  a little.  We vent with our colleagues but it rarely produces a solution.  If we vent to each other maybe one of us can offer a solution to that problem and we all can become better teachers!!!

I hope everyone has a great day!! Rest, you deserve it!