Saturday, February 16, 2013

I think I have found my calling with blogs and pinterest.  I love discovering new things and sharing them.  I consider myself a creative person and I love teachers pay teachers, but I cannot turn out things like some of the teachers on there.  If I started now, I would have something done by next Valentine's day.  It could also have something to do with taking care of 3 boys (one of them is 4 months) and holding a full time teaching job.  So whenever I find something that will help, I will post it here and on pinterest.  I will have more of a math focus since I specialize in math.  It also seems to be a little neglected with freebies and resources.  Here is the first resource


This is both a free resource and a inexpensive resource.  Greg has some features which are free.  You can access the full website for $19.95.  I buy a subscription for one class and use it on my projector.  It works great with the Math in Focus math program.  It also coincides with Common Core.  Check it out and have fun!!

Greg also has some wonderful books (you have access to some of these with a subscription to the website).
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