Saturday, February 16, 2013

Linky party!  Here are some of my favorite pins!

How Do You Say A Number? - The Organized Classroom Blog  :  Add this to my morning routine work.

This is a great common core idea that I will definitely be thinking about doing with my first graders, but it can really go with any age (Think about fractions and decimals)

The Parts of a Mathematician {Girl} $1.00

Fun way to decorate the room and encourage mathematicians!

Today's activity is called "What's my name?"   Each student received a stick-on name tag labeled with one of the 4 times tables.  All day we are calling each other by our new names.  I am "Mrs. 12".

I am going to adapt this so it is addition and subtraction!

Linus the MinusGus The Plus

More posters for the room!

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Check out the linky party!

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