Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our vacation, shameless groveling, and a little freebie

Minus the disruption at the beginning of our vacation, it went pretty well.  We love to eat when we are home.  We also consider ourselves amateur foodies.  If we were childless and rich, we would be all in the foodie scene!  So this is what we ate.

Russell's Point, Ohio.  We love their cheese pizza and fried pickles!!

 Lima, Ohio.  This is the boys' stop.  Coney fries are always ordered.  But if you are in Lima, try a milkshake!!

  Lima, Ohio.  two words, Taco Pizza!

 Lima, Ohio.  Our stop for chocolate bananas!

Lima, Ohio.  This is the Dairy Queen I grew up with.  My husband swears by their coney dogs!

Lima, Ohio.  I have to have a Kewpee when I go home!!

Lima, Ohio.  Another favorite I grew up with.  KFC could never match Lee's.

This is our comfort food.  Our foodie action takes place when we get to Columbus.  We got to two new places this year.

  Columbus, Ohio.  All I can say is Oh my!!  If you get there, you have to get the cannoli chips!

ImageUpper Arlington (Columbus), Ohio.  Loved the lemonade and brisket!

Graeter's Since 1870  My first time at one of their stores, but it was very good!

We didn't just eat the whole time.  I know it is hard to believe.  We did a little bit of sightseeing along with all the family visiting.
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Logo
One of our stops was the Columbus Zoo.  It has changed since I was a kid!  It was crowded and hot. We did see the manatees, the buffalo, the lions, and the polar bears.  I think the animals were just as hot as we were.  Most of them were sleeping.

This is Serpent Mound.  It was built by Native Americans.  I had studied about it in school, but never seen it.  I am glad I finally did.  Ohio also has this great thing, an historical passport.


My middle son is all about collecting his stickers every time we go back home.

One of our last stops was Tamarack.

Beckley, WV.  There are artisans everywhere and they have the best food!

Time for my groveling.  200 is so close and I am planning a great giveaway.  If you would like to donate, fill out the form.  Thank you to those who already have!!!  You made my day!

Yeah!  You made it!  I am busy trying to get organized for the next school year.  I realized that I needed something to organize centers and have them close at hand for lesson planning.  Here is what I whipped up!  I hope you like it and can use it!  Just click the picture!



  1. I LOVE Godfather's Taco Pizza! YUM! I'm pretty sure I filled out your form the other day, right? If not, let me know and I'll fill it out ASAP.
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