Monday, July 1, 2013

Currently July!

I am linking up Oh Boy 4th grade for this month's currently!

Loving, Thinking, Wanting:  My bucket list is going okay right now.  I am in fret mode now because I want to do so much and there is so little time.  I don't know if I will be truly ready they way I want to be.  The moment I really get moving on my school stuff, I run out of something!!  Right now I really need to order more laminating pouches!  We are just going on vacation and I don't want them sitting here at home while we are away.  So I am kinda stuck with laminating.  Alright enough whining about my bucket list!  

Needing:  What I truly want and need right now is a nice day break.  I just want to get away from responsibilities for just a few hours.  My problem is that I am also a worry wart and too practical.  My husband would have no problem with me just taking a day, I just can never convince myself to do it. 

Tips, Tricks, or Hints:  I keep my bookcase at school right by my door.  I have four clipboards for my four groups lists.  I velcro the clipboards to the bookcase.  When we have a drill I just grab the clipboard off the side of the bookcase.  I never have to dig or worry about a gradebook!  As a side note, I had to do this.  I have a very bad habit of laying things down and misplacing them.  When I was in fifth grade rule #1 was "Do not hand Mrs. Shepherd ANYTHING!".  I had baskets that the students would place notes and assignments in.



  1. I found you on Farley's Currently! Cute blog :) I SO wanted to make a bucket list for the summer, but alas, did not. Instead I have a mile-long to do list. Maybe I should call it a bucket list. It would be more fun :)

    Following you on Bloglovin'!

    Sarah from Third Grade Skinny

    1. Still a lot of work though! Thanks for coming by!