Sunday, June 30, 2013

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This week it is tic tac toe.

I decided to go with the first column.

I went to Ohio State University at Lima.  The branch campus is much smaller than the Columbus campus, so you really get to know everyone there. I have many favorite memories.  I met my husband and got married while attending Ohio State.  I worked on campus in the support office for the professors.   While some of the professors were dry like their classes.  Others were great to work with!  They would tease me especially about my husband.
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This is my husband's and my favorite professor!

They were supportive and I got to see a side of them that many students did not.  It was like teachers in their down time.  Even though I do not get to see them anymore (since we live so far away) they hold a special place in my heart.

My Favorite Grade to teach and why.  This is really hard and I am not sure I can answer it.  I have loved all the grades I have taught.  Each for their own reasons.  I started with 1st for a year and a half.  I moved up to 2nd for a year and a half.  I went back to 1st for a year then to 5th for four years.  Now I am back in 1st.

I love the children in 1st.  They are energetic and loving.  It is hard since many of them cannot be very independent (even during lunch).

Second graders are still energetic and loving.  They are starting to get a little more independent and daring.  My drawback on 2nd is that is when you start talking about testing (which starts in 3rd grade).

5th graders are a whole different breed.  Many of them have started puberty so you get the "like" and "boyfriend/girlfriend" thing going on.  They are very independent so if I was having a bad day, seat work was possible.  I think my time in 5th is over.  I have determined not to go anywhere above 3rd.  I am a primary teacher for now.  This is where my heart is!

My first year of teaching.  I left this last on purpose.  I had an interesting experience I think few modern teachers have or will have.  I taught in a little country school.  We were so small there was one-two teachers per grade level.  I had a class of 20. I loved the students here.  They were hard working.  They had a lot of disadvantages, but they didn't let it stop them.  To show how country this school was, I had to remind my students not to chase the rooster that appeared on the playground.  Since the rooster had a nasty habit of chasing them back and not being nice about it.  I also had the privilege of teaching over the sound of the chickens in the spring.  Come to find out, they laid some eggs outside my classroom window. We also had the occasional visit from the field mice.  The students loved it when I caught one by the tail and escorted it out of the building.  We had old style radiators that were covered with lattice because they got so hot that we could get burned.  I loved this school!  I was sad to leave it.  6 months after I left, it was turned into an alternative school.  Now it is closed.

Tomorrow is July!  Can anyone slow this summer down, please?!?!



  1. I loved reading your responses! I've only taught fifth grade and I have to agree with your description of them, yet I couldn't do primary. I'd love to teach junior high if I have the opportunity to do so. The small school you mentioned reminded me of my elementary years...I went to a K-12 school in the middle of nowhere. I'd think it would be very interesting to teach in that environment!

    Fifth Grade Dugout

  2. Your first year experience sounds really cool! What a great experience!!
    The Bomb-Diggity Classroom