Monday, September 9, 2013

A new winner and my homework solution for this year.

My first winner never responded to my email :(  so I picked a new winner for the quietest pencil sharpener!  The new winner is Alyce H!!!  Please check your email and get back to me ASAP!!

Homework has always been a great struggle.  Personally I do not trust to "grade" homework since I do not know how much the child has done and how much the parents have done.  In addition since I teach Singapore Math (and common core has this aspect also), I cannot trust that parents are teaching their students how to "think" mathematically or if they are just telling the child what to do.

I want to avoid putting the child through a struggle with the parents and the teacher.  My solution this year is quick activities that support the program and will not stress anyone out.  Hopefully.

The activities are straight forward.  There are no worries about doing it the teacher's way or my parent's way.  I made it for three nights in case there was some practice or a late night.  The activity should take about 5 minutes.  The most important thing is that it takes math into real life.  

I am pairing this with number word practice every night.  This week's words are zero and one. They get to Raise the Roof for every letter of the word.  Sara Edgar created this wonderful pack!!  Click the picture to go see it!!

Next week I intend to offer a digital choice.  The students and parents can choose to go on Dreambox instead of doing the tic tac toe.  I have not received any frantic emails yet.  I will let you know what happens!

Have a wonderful evening!!

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