Saturday, September 21, 2013

Online math program review

Educents asked me to review an online math program called CTC Math.


The first thing I noticed about this program is that it is comprehensive!

It covers all math from Kindergarten to Trig!  Since I teach 1st grade, I focused more on what they offered for my students.

I suggest that younger student work under supervision since the process to get into the lessons is not directed.  The parent needs to tell the child where they need to go and what they need to work on.

For older students it is perfect.  Older students are more aware of their weaknesses and know where to navigate to get where they need.

There is a video lesson that can be paused.  It guides the students through the process and provides questions to test understanding.

The lessons are straight forward and really work on skills.

There is also a speed skill section that works on fluency in math facts.

Students can work on everything from basic addition and subtraction to the order of operations.

Parents can get weekly reports.  A family subscription holds up to 5 students.I just found out that there is not a limit!

CTC is a good program to supplement classroom instruction.  It is also good for students that are struggling and need extra instruction at home.  It is best suited for older students that can take responsibility for their own learning.  However younger students can use it with guidance.

You can test it out for yourself!  Visit to check it out!


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