Monday, September 2, 2013

Currently... September

Listening....  I go through some rotations with television shows.  It helps me work through my chores to hear something familiar playing.  It works better for me than music does.  Right now I am working through Doctor Who again.  I am a geek and (for those that know) eagerly awaiting the 50th anniversary special .  I am also listening to my oldest and youngest sons talking together.  It is a special relationship.  I am privileged to witness it.  I also had the benefit of being the older sister to my sister who is 12 years younger than me.
Loving... I really needed this weekend.  My voice is getting back to normal after a long week of talking.  I am slowly getting geared up for tomorrow.

Thinking... We were able to leave at 2 on Friday and many did.  I decided that I would stay and make sure my plans were done.  I also got part of my copies done so that I am starting the week off on the right foot!

Wanting...We have been through the wringer with my youngest the last 5 days.  He started coughing and throwing up late last week without a fever.  He is also teething with three teeth coming through.  I even think a fourth is not far behind.  I think we are coming out of the woods, but we have to deal with some diaper rash now.

Needing...  I keep running out of ink with my printing so I have to do it in phases.  I just got a new pack of ink so I am off to print again!

 For me...  This month it is my goal to plan on Fridays for the next week, so that I do not worry about it all weekend.  I am going to leave as much work as possible at school for me and my family.  I am also going to treat myself to celebrate my little accomplishments.

Have a wonderful week!  A few hours left to win a pencil sharpener!

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  1. Just found you through the currently!

    I love that you teach with a STEM focus! My campus is slowly emphasizing that this year as well! I can't wait to learn more ideas from you :)

    The Frizz