Thursday, September 12, 2013

My obsession with crazy socks!

This week has been a crazy week for me.  Two of my three sons have been sick.  First grade had their first sub today thanks to me!!!  I need to do something a little light hearted today!

I am not a jewelry wearer so I am not so much into some of the decorative or holiday jewelry that a lot of teachers wear.

 I have a few fun holiday shirts, but they can be hard to find when you are picky.


A few years ago someone started another obsession.....

weird, wacky, crazy socks.

It really got started on Dr. Seuss week when we had wacky sock day.  I went out and bought a few pairs of crazy socks then mismatched them.

Some days my socks are plain, but then I have my days that I wear my crazy socks.  The children never mention them.  I am not sure how much they notice.  They don't even say anything on the days I feel really crazy and wear two different socks (My baby sister turned me on to that!).  I do it anyway.

So if you ever run into me, I will warn you.  My shoes will not stand out.  My shirt may not stand out.  My pants are boring and normal.  Check out the socks.

One day when you are having a bad start or just feel blue, I dare you to wear some crazy socks too!  (I double dare you to mismatch them!)


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