Saturday, August 31, 2013

The ghost has drifted in! My class by the numbers

Every year I forget how exhausting the first week is to my body and to my voice.  I am hoarse!  On the bright side, the starting back to school is a great weight loss program.  Since I am a math teacher, I am going to tell you about my class this year by the numbers.

This year I officially have 100 students.  In seats and driving ahead.  This is a record for me.  I have never had this many students.  Yes I am still memorizing names!!

Right now this is the number of students in the largest group.  It is supposed to be 25 and hopefully our data will settle in so that students can be shuffled one last time.

I see 4 groups of students every day for math and science.

This is our scheduled time for each group. It doesn't quite work right now.  In a few weeks we will get close to this time.

We already have 3 broken crayons.
I love this!


The number of pencils I have sharpened since we started school using my awesome pencil sharpener!  Would you like to have one?  You could buy one or try to win one first!!!

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Have a wonderful restful holiday weekend!!


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