Thursday, October 3, 2013

Centers in the math classroom

Centers or Stations are going strong in one of my blocks.  I am working to introduce them into my other three blocks.  I am using the Build concept with my math stations this year.

I have had to adapt it a bit since I teach only math and science.

My buddy math is a game right now.  I am using a roll and cover.  I will rotate this center to a roll, add, and cover in a couple of weeks.

Math Action Cards for Math Manipulatives

We are only using the cube cards right now.  I will slowly add more task cards as the year goes on.

Independent work is the workbook pages to support the lessons of the chapter in math we are working on.

Learning Numbers is starting soon.  I am going to start with my own creation.
Number words practice games
Doing Math is my teacher center right now.  Later I may develop this further.  I am using this product from Really Good Stuff.  I have had a few years and never found a use for it.  I finally did!  Unfortunately I think I bought it on  clearance, because they no long have it.  The smaller envelopes contain the maps to show the students where to go.  The larger envelopes contain games and assignments.

Since I have four blocks I had to get creative with the group assignments.  Here is my group assignment board.  It is a combination of Target pocket charts, I can be a Station Super hero set (, and  Hipster Monster Decor (  It is accesible to the students.  They can check their group assignment.

My students are slowly adapting to the rotations.  One thing that has helped is a powerpoint I adapted (

Monster Themed Daily Automated Centers and Guided Reading

The original is for all centers.  I edited it to fit my needs to math.  It was a wonderful start and I had to do little to it.

I hope that I inspired you or gave you a couple of ideas for centers in your math classroom.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your ideas! What a great help!