Thursday, October 3, 2013


My one year old is walking and saying a few words, but he babbles and tells me about his day.  Today was doctor day.  He got three shots and had a hemoglobin, so it is wonderful to see him happy.

This weekend is my birthday and I decided that we are going to Ren Fest too!  We are yearly regulars, but have had to miss a couple of years due to babies and money.  In Ohio, we never missed!  Eventhough I enjoy North Carolina's, I still miss Ohio and their mud show!  Trust me you have truly not seen Beowulf until you see it done in the mud.  However the Pirate show is wonderful!

So I have five people to pack for.  We are also taking my oldest son's best friend.  Yeah!!

I received bad news that the school could not support my fellow presenter and I at the NCCTM conference.  Now we are in the situation of backing out or begging the head of our school.  Our presentation is ready so even if we stay home, I will share it with you!!

My treat is the website  It takes you step by step through the process of making qr codes.  I am working on some reward tickets for my students!

Have a wonderful October!!!


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