Sunday, October 27, 2013

Math Websites...New discovery

I have mentioned over the last week or so that two of my groups are struggling with number bonds and decomposing numbers.  So I did a quick google search and came up with another math website and a decomposing number game.

Eric the elephant

The game that caught my attention was Save the whale 2

You can make the bond any number from 4 to 10.  When you get the right answer the whale swims to freedom.  I also like how the students see the pipe length we are shooting for.

I have also been working with my students on how to count on especially with their fingers.  I ran into this and thought it would be wonderful for demonstation.

You can click any of the fingers and put them down.  The number above the hand reflect the number of fingers still up.

Another demonstration program offered uses beads.

You get ten beads and three different colors to change the bead color.  I thought I would use it when we are making ten.  This would be give the students another visual.

There is so much on this website that I am still finding things as I explore it!

Come join me in finding some new things!


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