Friday, October 25, 2013

The Zoo... A wild five for Friday

Yesterday was our trip to the zoo!  So here is this week's five for Friday!


1.  The new dilemma with parents.  Our school is becoming more strict on who can volunteer and chaperone our students.  This is understandable considering today's world, but background checkson 30 parents is not in the cards.  I was not excited about supervising 20 students through the zoo.  It did work out that most of the children's own parents attended.  So I was left with four very active boys!

2.  The world my students live in.  Many of our students had never been to a place like this before.  So they did not understand the unspoken rules.  I spent part of my time letting them know that they had to stay on this side of the rail.  They could not climb on the rails.  They had to stay on the path.  They had to sit down on the tram.  They should not tap on the glass.  I was exhausted!  It also saddened me that my students had never had the chance to have this opportunity before.

3.  So the other issue with 4 boys is that they tend to concentrate on bodily functions.  Yes I heard a lot about certain animal behinds and what they were used for quite frequently.  On a side note, the giraffes were getting pretty intimate.  Yeah.  Thank goodness the children did not notice.  I saw a bit too much of one of the giraffes.

4.  Animals, animals, animals.  My little group did pretty good on the animal check list.  We missed a couple of habitats, but we got to see the most exciting ones.

5.  A trip without incident!  We had no parent complaints, no calls, and we arrived back on time!  I may have had a hard time, but it was well worth it!


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