Sunday, August 4, 2013

Busy, busy, busy!

I know that we are all super busy this time of year.  We have shopping, fixing, decorating, organizing.  Everything is coming down to the wire.  I have been super busy too!  Even though we do not officially start until next week, I am going to get some work done at school this week.  I am sharing a few more of the crafty projects that have been taking up my time this week.

1.  Letters for my classroom.  I originally was going to paint the letters.  Then I got daring and decided to use paper to cover the letters.  It was a long process that takes a lot of patience, but I think they turned out very nice.  My math letters have numbers and math symbols.

My science letters are rainbows, stars, honeycomb, flowers, fish, painting that looks like ice, and water.

I can't wait to see them on the wall!

2.  Crayons!  I found silicon cupcake molds at Walmart for $1.97.  It is not the shape I was hoping for, but there are other benefits!  The silicon is nice, because I can manipulate the mold to pull the crayon right out.  I also do not have to worry about the wax residue in my nice cupcake pans.  I put foil down to protect my cookie sheet, fill up the molds with old crayons, and stick them in the oven.

I am now up to 4 bags of crayons that would have otherwise been thrown away.

3.  Crayon organizer (progressing)

I just started today.  I took some goo be gone to get rid of the label residue.  They have their first coat of paint.  I am excited to see this when I am completely done.

Have a wonderful evening!!