Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Super easy Tried it Tuesday!

I bought three wood puzzles at Target for $1 each!  You see only two, the story about the third is coming.

The coordinating pieces have a problem and the answer is in the piece's spot.  The first one is a making tens puzzle and the second is addition facts.  

The one problem with the project is that you have to make sure you are writing on the coordinating pieces.  I did really good with the first two.  I made mistakes with the third which I am trying to correct.  I am really hoping there will be another puzzle.  If not plan B will be in order!

I am super busy getting my room ready!  Time is running out!  Aaaahhh!  Will I make it?



  1. Thanks for this idea - it would be great for early finishers in my classroom!

    1. That is exactly where I put them!! Great minds think alike!

  2. What a great idea for a puzzle! It could be adapted for any age. Good luck getting your classroom ready! It will all work out:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper