Saturday, August 17, 2013

TPT sale and flash freebie!

First, thank you Traci for the lovely button!!I know that everyone is talking abut the big sale tomorrow.  You will get 20% off my store, plus us the code BTS13 to get up to 10% additional off up to 28% total.  I know that I will be shopping again!

Plus I have a new product that will be free until 8 PM Saturday (EDT)!  Click the picture!!  I would appreciate any feedback left.  Just please remember not to mention it's free status since it will become a paid product.  Thanks!!

A little plug for my facebook page.  They were told early about the flash freebie, so that had an additional 14 hours to grab it.  It pays to like my facebook page!!

Check back tomorrow for another flash freebie!!!  There may be a good chance that Facebook friends find out first!!