Sunday, August 11, 2013

My mini TPT shopping spree

I had a little fun with some TPT gift cards today!  Here is what I bought....

Parts of a.....

friend                                                                    listener
The Parts of a Friend  {Melonheadz Clipart Version}The Parts of a Listener {Melonheadz Clipart Version}

scientist                                                               mathematician 
 Poster:  The Parts of a Scientist {Girl w/ Deeper Skin Tones}The Parts of a Mathematician {Girl}

I purposely chose the girls for math and science.  There are so many males images in these fields that I wanted to go against the grain.  I will probably purchase the boys in the future.  Check these posters and many more here!

Behavior Clip Chart {Space Theme Collection}

My idea right now is to have a clip chart for each of my blocks.  We will see if it works!  I love Creation Castle's behavior charts!

I Can Be a Station Superhero Chart
I ran into this today.  I love that it makes center routines fun and positive!  Check out All Y'All Need!

Science Alphabet Posters

I have the math alphabet and love it!!  I purchased the Science Alphabet to complement it!  Check out Lovely Little Leaders for this alphabet and the two math alphabets!

Hipster Monster Decor

I have been drooling over this set since it came out.  I love the monsters!!  I am thrilled to finally have it!  Check out Primary Graffiti for this set and more!

Now to printing and laminating!


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