Saturday, August 10, 2013

The truth about the shy child

The truth about the shy child (from a shy child)

1.  We love quiet praise most of the time.  Just a little encouragement in a whisper goes a long way!

2.  We do like to get acknowledged and rewarded every once in a while in front of  a group.

3.  Group work is hard for us.  Many times we get talked over or left out.

4.  Talking in front of the class is hard.  Challenge us with this but also guide us through it.

5.  It takes us time to warm up to those we do not know, If you make us feel comfortable it helps to ease the process.

6.  We have difficulty carrying on conversations.  We are polite, but we feel awkward in public and social situations.  Help us to learn what comes natural to others.

7.  Try to soften the blow of embarrassing situations, but don't always prevent them from happening.

We are smart, opinionated, articulate, and passionate.  Give us room, but challenge us to push the boundaries of our shyness.

Most of all, Remember the shy child!



  1. This is a great reminder, those shy children often have a lot to share. Thanks for this!