Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A new way to look at bingo!!

Today I was giving my students a test.  Quite a few were done and I needed a chance to concentrate on the others.  I needed something I could just put up real quick while I finished tests.  I found Teachers Classmate!  This is interactive bingo!  I tried out the addition and subtraction.  It kept my kids more engaged and made them really think about the problems.  They only go up to 10, but I have asked the creator if they could look into a version up to 20.  There is also place value, bingo, and a version that mixes immediate grade level skills.

You can buy bingo cards to match the interactive boards at their teacher pay teacher store.

You could also make your own bingo cards to use with the website at Bingo Baker.

Bingo Baker - Bingo Card Maker

Since I was using it "on the fly" today, I used the bingo cards I had.  Then I gave them wild cards every so often to fill in numbers that the website was not using.  This also gave them the chance to strategize which is a great math skill.

Check them out and you will not look at bingo the same again!!


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