Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter and the Quietest pencil sharpener

Happy Resurrection Sunday!!  May God bless you and bring you closer to him!

Isn't this little guy the cutest?

Tomorrow starts Autism Awareness Month.  April 2nd is go blue for Autism day.

I have had several autistic children in my classroom over the years.  They each are different from the other.  They all need our understanding and loving guidance.

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I have heard so much about this sharpener.  I am dying to get one.  I keep entering giveaways for them and still have not won.  I will keep trying until I get over 100 followers, then I can review one.  I am waiting for the day.  I have become frustrated with pencils and pencil sharpeners.  They are not made the way they used to.  From what I hear about this one, the company stands behind the sharpener. The teachers and kids love it!  If I cannot win one this time, maybe one of you can. Follow the link to enter!

Have a blessed Easter!


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