Saturday, March 30, 2013

bloglovin v feedly and I forgot a freebie.

Most of you have heard now that Google Reader is on its deathbed.  A few alternatives have arisen.  Among these are Bloglovin and Feedly.  I have tried out both.  I know what I like, but what will you discover?  Here are screenshots of both of my landing pages.

Both are available in the itunes store.  Both will move your reading lists over from google reader.  In my opinion Bloglovin is a little more user friendly.  It allows me to do more with the blogs themselves.  I tried to manuever through Feedly and found it more difficult and clumsy.  I tried to move to the next blog in both.  Bloglovin did so with ease, Feedly couldn't find the next blog. Feedly will allow you to mark old blogs as read, Bloglovin will allow you to mark posts from a blog as read.  Feedly allows you to change the way you see the lists of blogs.  Bloglovin allows you to see it one way by date or blog.

Experiment with them yourself and find what works best for you!!

I forgot to transfer a freebie over yesterday so here it is for you!!
It is my math strategies freebie!  Click the link to get yours!

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