Monday, April 1, 2013

Let's get acquainted, Autism awareness, and a giveaway

I am having so much fun with these!!  I also love reading the others, especially when I find other geeks/nerds like me!

Favorite Place to Shop

If you have been following for a while, this will not be a surprise.  Even though I teach math, I LOVE to read!  So I love to get lost in a bookstore.

Every time we travel home to Ohio, this is one of our stops.  I wish there was one in North Carolina!  It just needs to be far enough away so I will pay the bills and eat instead of buy books!

I feel a little guilty shopping at a chain, but it is full of books!  The guilt does not last long especially with a Starbucks to help my survive.

Favorite TV show

My favorite tv show is Dr. Who.  I told you I was a geek!

I also love to watch Law and Order:  SVU.            

Since I have an infant and a job, Hulu and dvr  are my best friends.

My favorite sweet treat

I have food allergies, not major ones.  They are enough to cause me a lot of discomfort if I eat something I shouldn't.

My safe sweet treat                                           My every once and a while sweet treat

Product Details                                               

Favorite Food

Strawberries!!  and Blueberries!


Favorite Restaurant
I love many restaurants, chain and independent!  It just depends on what mood I am in.

My Chinese comes from a little place called Golden Wok.  They know us in there.

My Italian comes from La Mama or Mama's, both local places.  If I go gluten free then Olive Garden.

My hamburgers, when I am home, come from Kewpee (Lima, Ohio)

This used to be a chain throughout the states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana.  It is said that Dave Thomas worked at one.  This is where his square hamburgers and frosties came from.  My favorite is a Cheeseburger Special with pickles, fries, double large root beer, and sugar cream pie.

Now I am craving one and I have to wait until July.

Onto a great linky promoting Autism awareness.                       

and a new giveaway...


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