Sunday, April 14, 2013

Calgon take me away!

Wow!  When I sat down to write my post, I still expected to see 90 followers.  I was pleasantly surprised to see 96!  That means a giveaway is coming up!  I am so excited!

This weekend exhaustion hit me.  I really tried to keep up with everything, but my body refused.  I may be showing my age a bit here.  I really needed a "Calgon, take me away" moment.  I love my family, my students, and my school.  I am fantasizing about getting a hotel room, all to myself, taking a bath and SLEEPING.  (For the new ones I have a 6 month old, sleep is a fantasy!)
Friday after our early release we had the privilege to catch up in our classrooms.  I was able to finish a couple of games I have downloaded from my bloggy friends.  I am going to be sharing pictures and telling you how they go this week!  So stay tuned.  A few giveaways ended last night so that tab is not up to date, but the new ones are going to be at the top of the page now!  Check to see if there is one you haven't looked into yet!


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