Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The ducks of Sandy Hook and Currently

The Ducks Of Sandy Hook Elementary


The story of the ducks
I am assigned to the Sandy Hook School as the school based police officer. A donor had sent approximately 500 small rubber ducks, which the kids loved immensely. My counterpart and I spread them out everyday in the lobby of the school kids, and yes adults, take them to keep. The joy the ducks bring to everyone can not be put into words. We plan to keep buying ducks and placing them out everyday as long as the school is in use. Anyone that would like to help us with the purchasing of the ducks, your help is greatly appreciated. If you would like to send a monetary donation or order ducks contact me and I will provide an address. Everyone in the school enjoys the ducks and we never want to have to tell anyone we don't have any to give them, child or adult.

Oriental Trading is offering free shipping on all ducks sent to Sandy Hook.


Monster Rubber DuckiesAstronaut/Space Alien Rubber Duckies
Here are the ones I picked out to send.  $12 for 24 ducks!  Call Oriental Trading to place your order. 1- 800-875-8480


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