Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Survey fun!

This week my first graders are working on graphs.  I was determined that this would be one chapter this year they would love!  Each night my students are taking home a survey to complete.  We are using that survey to make a giant graph.  I am using Amanda Pauley's Math surveys for a year as a couple of the questions this week and as one of my centers.  I hope to use this great pack as a regular part of my math class next year!!

Math Surveys for the Year!

Here is our first graph, Would you like to be a pirate?  The girl and boy pirate along with the pirate hats are from my cute graphics!


Today we did Do you like to swim?  The splashes of water and the swimmers are another Cute Graphics creation!

Tomorrow's question is what is your favorite animal?  Friday will be what is your favorite ice cream flavor?  I will share more of our graphs later in the week!

You notice that I use cute graphics a lot.  It is because it is free and I am beginning on blogs and  TPT.  I tend to drool over the paid clip art.  Dots of Fun has some great clip art  Tammy is very talented and someone I will have to meet, especially since we live about 20 minutes from each other!

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