Thursday, April 18, 2013

Now for my stuff!

This week I have been focusing on the math centers my students are working on.  Today I am going to show you my creation in action.  I noticed that my students love working with riddles.  So I have made two packets (three more are in the works!) that practice their addition and subtraction.  Then they get to complete a fun kid friendly riddle!  This makes it self checking.  If the make a mistake in their computation then the answer to the riddle will not make sense!

 Here we are solving our problems!!  They are allowed to use counters if they do not have the facts memorized yet!


Now that they have solved the math problems, now they can solve the riddle!


You can download a preview for free!  Maybe I will get some time to finish the other packets then all 5 will be included in my giveaway this weekend!

There are new giveaways on the giveaway page!  Check them out!


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