Sunday, April 7, 2013

I took one day off of blogs and omg.....

Yesterday I took the day off reading and writing.  I played some games on Pogo (my little birthday splurge every year), reorganized rooms, and dealt with sickies at home.  My littlest one has been battling the stomach flu and my oldest one (the husband) contracted it too.  I kept myself busy.  I was a little down that I missed some flash freebies, but I got a few more thing accomplished.  Everyone is going giveaway crazy again!

 I am going to be updating the giveaway page through the day!  Today is the last day before I go back for the last surge before summer break.  I am doing a balancing act of surviving through the last of the year and planning for next year.

I have not heard if I will be changing grades.  I HOPE to stay where I am.  The first year in a new curriculum is the hardest.  I do not do well teaching from a book, but this year I have done a lot of that.  Next year I am excited to integrate more of my math with the science and social studies.  I specialize in math so I do not teach science and social studies, but some of the units and collections I have seen on TPT have inspired me!


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