Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Computation, manipulatives and giveaway reminder!

So I had every intention of showing up another great TPT product tonight and how we used it in the classroom, but I forgot to take pictures!!!  Ahhh!!  So I will be bringing that to you tomorrow.

So I am going to give you a sneak peek of one of the Riddle me this packets I am working on! Click the picture!

I love using manipulatives!!  I use two sided counters,cubes, base ten blocks for computation.  I prefer the two sided counters with ten frames.  They are easier to manipulate and less likely to become a building contest.  However as we get into the bigger numbers, I do not have enough counters.  The math series we use is suggesting cubes.  I do have enough cubes.  Then a question popped into my head.  What manipulatives do you use when your class is working on computation?  The last time we pulled out cubes those that followed directions got 5 minutes of building time at the end.  Do you have any tricks to deal with playing vs working with materials?  Please comment and share!

Remember both the 100 follower giveaway and the Conscious box giveaway!  


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