Friday, April 26, 2013

Coworker frustrations, more graphs, and the final hours of one giveaway!

I know it is a long title, but it has been another long week.  I want to say that I always try to be supportive.  I have given materials to other teachers.  I let them borrow whatever they need whenever they need it.  I think about other teachers when I run into activities and giveaways.  I feel that the success of the student is paramount.  I have worked with some teachers that were not open to technology, centers, or anything different.  I am not a perfect teacher.  I still have A LOT to learn.  I am forever growing, changing, reflecting, and really trying to be a better teacher.  This year has been rough for my first graders.  They started out with 5 adults; 3 teachers, one assistant teacher, and a lab person.  Within a few weeks their lab person changed three times.  We now have a great lab person!  I went on maternity leave at the end of September.  The permanent sub was great!!  However it was still another change.  By the time I got back in early November, one of our teachers had gone to kindergarten and my sub went into her spot.  Things finally settled down in early December when a teacher was found for the third spot or so we thought.  There are some people that are not meant to be teachers and I work with one.  The teacher will not listen to us.  The teacher lets the kids run wild.  Since we switch classes, the behavior they have learned in that one classroom has bled into the other classes.  I am so tired.  I am so frustrated.  There are moments every day that I fall into survival mode.  I hate teaching that way!!!  It just makes me wonder.  If you do not want to put the work and passion into it, why in the world would you go into teaching?  Trust me the summers off are not worth it.  What are your thoughts?

Okay I am done venting.....  Look at our awesome graphs this week!!

My students did a wonderful job and they loved it!  Next week we get to tackle bar graphs and tally marks!

By the way you only have a few hours for the Conscious box/ Educents giveaway!  Check the giveaway page!!!!!


  1. I SO hear ya! It's almost over, and hopefully you can make other arrangements for next year. I've been there. I'm sorry!

    However, your graphs look so good!!

  2. I work with a couple of teachers like that too. It makes me sad for the students. It is so frustrating to try to pick up the slack and do your own stuff too.

    Ms Richards's Musings

    1. The kids love the freedom they are given, but they do not realize what they are missing out on in all their classes.