Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What I just found!!

So I had a bit of writers' block.  This afternoon the pollen started to really show up here.  Imagine a thick yellow dirt covering everything!  My first spring in North Carolina I was amazed.  I am on allergy meds but I carry Benadryl for sudden attacks and it is on my desk at school.  It is doing me a lot of good there.  Then it was Chuck E Cheese night to raise money for one of our teachers who was in a car accident in February.  So I came home and had some baby therapy  Yes my 6 month old is my therapist!!

I came across a couple of posts by Sunny in Second Grade!  I was blown away.  Something I had not thought of!  The other one was something that was on my list of experiments.  I still may have to play around with it though!



This game is made with lids!!!

Laminate something bigger than your laminator!


If you are not a follower, run to Denise's blog.  If you are a follower make sure to read these two posts!!


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