Sunday, June 9, 2013

Teacher toolbox trio linky!

I love this linky.  There were two linkys I wanted to delve into and I had to decide which one to do first.  Isn't that a wonderful situation to be in?

1.  The product I have made that I couldn't live without.
I really like my Riddle me this series.  They were tough ones to make.  There was a lot of lining up and rearranging to do on these, but the kids loved solving the riddles.  They are self checking so the kids did not need me at all.  They cover addition and subtraction all the way up to 1000 using various strategies. 

2.  The product I have purchased that I love!

I love this version of bingo.  It really makes my kids think.  It is so much more than the usual bingo.  It uses three addends, word problems, dominos, and number lines.

3.  The product on my wish list!

First Days of Math WorkshopMath Workshop Lesson Plan Format {Common Core Aligned}Math Workshop Student Binder

I couldn't decide which one to focus on.  I am really hoping to do better with workshop this year.  I am looking at these three products to help me out!

Work day tomorrow!


  1. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing these great resources! I like seeing what other teachers are using and buying.

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