Sunday, June 23, 2013

A mentor?!?! Me?!?!

I received an email this week stating that they wanted me to be a mentor.  Really?  Maybe it is a typo, because I feel a little like the blind leading the blind.  This will be my 10th year of teaching, but I still have A LOT to figure out!  I ask a lot of questions.  I make mistakes.  I do try to help my colleagues when I can.  I just feel really nervous about taking total care of another teacher.  What are your thoughts and experiences?



  1. You will do great! I was super nervous the first time I was a mentor but it ended up helping me almost as much as the person I mentored. It helped me become more organized and thoughtful about my instruction. It has always been a great experience. Good luck!
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  2. Thank you Sara! I am in the midst of getting myself organized and I feel just as disorganized as ever!