Saturday, June 15, 2013

Five for Saturday.....late again

1.  However I will explain why!  Thursday evening a storm blew through.  No big deal, we have seen A LOT worse!  The winds were rough.  We almost always lose power where we live.  It is usually two-three hours before it comes back on.  The worst was a hurricane and we lost power for  4 days.  We lost power at 6:30  PM.  I called it in (have them on speed dial!).  We got power back at about 11, the NEXT DAY!  No air, no lights, and no water (our well has an electric pump) for over 16 hours.  We were tired and miserable.

2. My summer began!!

Records done and classroom clean!

3.  My house gets some attention.

I have been cleaning like mad with the help of my littlest.  He does not like to be confined to one room.  So he follows me around and chases the vacuum!

4.  My guys get some time!

We have a busy schedule coming with vacation and birthdays start this next week!

5.  I get a little time  (usually at nap time).

Happy Saturday!  Happy father's day!


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