Thursday, June 20, 2013

I heart Cyberchase!

I am taking a break from spring cleaning to check in with you today, my oldest 15th birthday!!  I do not know if I will see the end of all my cleaning.  It seems that every time I get one place clean, another is a mess again!

Please do not think that I am a video teacher.  I very rarely show videos and when I do it is a special treat.  My dilemma for a couple of years is trying to find a good math video.  Then I really watched an episode of Cyberchase.  I realized that they were using a concept that I briefly covered in my 5th grade math curriculum.

This episode "Totally Rad" discusses perimeter and area and their relationship.

I used Cyber chase in 5th grade to reinforce some of the concepts were covered in class.  The first time I showed it in 1st grade, I was a little worried it would not appeal to them. Some of the concepts are a little over my 1st graders heads, but they are exposed to some vocabulary.

This episode is "Fortress of Attitude" and it deals with nonstandard measurement, which is a 1st grade standard.

Cyber Chase not only covers math concepts, but the children in the episodes have to problem solve, usually with math.  I also love the real life snippet at the end of the episodes.

Check out PBS for teacher resources and breakdown of Cyberchase episodes.

Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Amazon all have Cyberchase episodes.  You do have to pay a fee for these sites

PBS kids also has the episodes for free.

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