Saturday, June 29, 2013

Number pattern packet and freebie review

I have been busy trying to prepare for the next school year.  I came across two great packets that you should check out!

The first one is from First Grade Fairytales.

This packet not only has activities, but also posters!  My first graders had trouble with number patterns last year, so I was very excited to find this pack!  
I love how number patterns are explained.  This is two of the four posters in the pack along with practice for a pocket chart, a matching game, and practice sheets.  This pack is $3 and well worth it!  Find it here!

The second pack I have gotten done is a freebie!  

This pack has word problems that also show the problem with lady bugs and then the number sentence.  The last couple of pages leave out the ladybugs and the number sentence for students to figure out their own.  The pack comes with ladybugs for the students to use!

Check it out here!

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  1. These are great! Thanks for sharing!!

    Carolina Teacher

  2. Those posters are adorable and so useful! If I taught little guys I would love these!

    1. I love the students having reference posters to check when they are working so they do not always have to ask me.