Thursday, June 27, 2013

Classroom Management tools at ICTmagic

ICTmagic is a compilation of different resources by different developers.  This is where I originally met Class Dojo.  There are other resources that I use in my classroom and a couple others I am looking forward to diving into.

One that I use is the stoplight.  I use this for volume especially during center time.

The arrows control numbers that you can use at your discretion.  I use mine to record how many times I have stopped to warn them about their noise verbally.  To could also use it to remind the students what their voice level is supposed to be.

This application uses the microphone to measure the noise.  One of the problems with it is that you have to adjust the scale to where you want it.  The higher number is for more sensitive measurements and the lower number is for less sensitive measurements.  When my students got to the yellow/orange/red sections they had to freeze and wait until it went back to green before they continued.  The other problem is that you cannot have your speaker on during the application, so you cannot play music or games off of the computer the application is one.


I tried this application once.  It is meant to work so the students will be quiet and not bounce the balls.  Well my students wanted to bounce the balls so they got really loud.  It is too bad it cannot do the opposite.  I would love to see it bounce when they are quiet as a reward and stop when they are loud.

There are several other resources available so explore!!


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