Monday, June 3, 2013

The clean up begins...4 days to go

We found out today that they will not be any Professional Development after the kids leave!  I get to start summer vacation when my room and records are done!  Yeah!  So when some of my students got done with their work today, guess what they did!

We started to clean up by organizing our math manipulatives!

Today we had a treat of watermelon today.  I learned that some of my students do not like watermelon!  We had our treat then we did a graph of who like the watermelon and who did not.  Next year I am going to use this!

I just did not plan it out well enough to have the watermelon flavored things or the fruit or the seeded watermelon.  I bought seedless and watched the kids pick out all the little white seeds.  It was so funny.  

Tomorrow is Popcorn day and I am using a freebie for it!

4 days!  Check out the giveaways page, it is updated!!

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