Saturday, June 22, 2013

Five for Friday


My littlest got tired before I got a chance to write this up last night, then I feel asleep after he did.  Here it is my five for Friday.

1.  Spring Cleaning continues.  I know, spring is gone.  I have gotten a lot done in the past week.  Not many people can say that the floor under the fridge and stove is clean, but I can!  I am going to continue a little more in the following weeks , but I can slow down the pace a little, because...

2.  My son turned 15 this week!!

He is celebrating by having his best friend stay the night.  They were awake late into the night and are still out there sleeping right now.  We have adopted my son's best friend over the next couple of days since his family is going to a One Direction concert tonight.

3.  Today is my hubby's birthday.  This  time of year is a whirlwind.  The year my son was born was even more so.  In 1998...

13th.... The day I would have graduated in Columbus, Ohio.  However I was 9 month pregnant.
16th.... The day my son was due.
20th.... We were supposed to go get the oil changed and get me a haircut.  Then lunch with my grandmother.  My water broke on the way into the salon so we turned around and headed to the hospital instead.
22nd....Hubby's birthday
28th....Our 1 year anniversary

That was a hectic 2 weeks.  A whirlwind in the midst of that my hubby's aunt died and right after we moved.  So the next two weeks are hectic, but I can put it into perspective.

4.  My youngest turns 9 months tomorrow.  He is busy crawling around.  He hates being blocked.  He got a  new bouncy/walker seat yesterday.  We found it at a consignment shop for half price!

Now I have something to put him in for those pesky bathroom breaks and showers!  His brothers are great about watching him, but he is moving pretty fast now and sometimes they get a little distracted.

5.  I did get something school related done.  I tentatively mapped my science units.  We use core knowledge and the state curriculum.  Thank goodness there was only one unit where the two could not be combined.  It looks pretty good.  I just need to wait to get access to the new science program to finalize it.

Another busy week ahead and I am not even "working"!

Remember my little giveaway.  I am slowly making my way to 200!  You want to be there for that so make sure you are!



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