Sunday, May 5, 2013

Boxes in the mail are wonderful!!!

I felt like such a special person on Friday!  I got three boxes in the mail!  The first box contained something my husband had heard me whine about for months now.  I kept entering giveaways for it to no avail.  I finally got over 100 followers and got the chance to review it!!!  It is....

The world's BEST pencil sharpener!!!!!  As you can see my son got a hold of it and had no problem sharpening a ton of pencils for me!!!

He could even do it one handed!

He got all of these pencils done in the time it took me to do 2 or 3 at the other pencil sharpener

Look at how sharp it is!!!  This same brand of pencils would never sharpen for me.  They kept breaking!
I am now saying goodbye to a sore arm and the huge callus that formed on my right finger!  I am intending to buy these as end of the year gifts for some of my fellow teachers ( and a couple more for me!!) Shh, don't tell them!! 

Now hold onto your seats!  These phenomenal pencil sharpeners are 24.99 with free shipping!!  You can also buy 3 for 53.97!!  I highly recommend it!!!!  Check out the link to the right!

My second box came from pinning for ETA hand 2 mind last February.  Look at all the goodies!

I have to say that the pattern blocks book has me most excited!!  I will talk more about all of this once I get a chance to use it!

My last box was a little treat for myself!  I have food allergies which includes wheat.  I love the Coco Loco bars from Enjoy Life!

My only complaint is that the bars and boxes seem to be slowly getting smaller! Oh well it is a small splurge of mine every few months.

I am joining the TPT and TN teacher appreciation sales. If you are interested in any of my packs, now is the time to buy!


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