Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Flip Flop Day

Today we did flip flop math activities!  I used Teaching Heart's Flip Flop packet.  We had a lot of fun with it.  So much that I plan on expanding it next year.  The packet includes a flip flop glyph...  The kids liked this part the best because they got to talk about their summer and what they were going to do.

Their favorite reason for loving summer was no homework (that was the yellow color on their flip flop).  Maybe I shouldn't tell them that they are taking a math packet home for summer...

We practiced tally marks when we made a class data sheet.

The packet also contained flip flop math facts.  The students took a math fact and flipped it around to find that they could add in any order!

We also practiced place value.  I added in another flip aspect.  We flipped the original number around to show the difference in its value (28 v 82).

The packet also contains time review, coin and money review, and a graph with flip flops.

Check out the packet here (TPT) , here (e-junkie store and the cheapest), or here (TN)

We had a great flip floppin day!!!

7 days, no break for me tomorrow (ahhh 8 1/2 hours with kids!), and tomorrow is lemonade day!


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