Friday, May 10, 2013

What I would like for teacher appreciation week

First IT'S FRIDAY!!!

I really need this weekend.  My youngest is right in the middle of teething.  Our nights have been miserable!  It is not ideal to go teach 90 first graders when you haven't had more than two hours of sleep at one time.  We made it and only 20 more days to go!  We have a field trip coming up this week so that is my easy planning day!  My kids were a little more wound up and sensitive than usual so I resorted to a short video (gasp!!!  I try not to make this a habit) and worked with small groups which is really where I do my best teaching!  I love Cyber Chase.  My kids get into it.  Even though it is higher math skills, my 1st graders still can observe some basic math skills in practice.

At the end of teacher appreciation week, I thought it would be fun to write about what I would like for teacher appreciation week!

1.  A free lunch!  30 minutes of silent chewing and swallowing.  My typical lunch is bite, chew, make gestures for the students to sit down or to quiet down.  Then swallow and answer a few questions thrown my way.  Repeat.  This year I rarely eat much.

2.  Starbucks!!!  I love their new caramel crunch frap!  I have gotten two since they have been 1/2 price this week (Sunday is the last day for this 3pm-5pm).

3.  Ink!!!!  I ran out last weekend making centers!

4.  A good day!!!  I look forward to one everyday and most days come really close!  I always hope and I always give it my all.

Here are some little funny tidbits that I discovered while finding my little pictures!

Here's to a great weekend!!!


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