Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pinterest Linky and News from Greg Tang himself

1.  Puzzles with math facts!  The picture shows homophones, but it would be great to do math facts!!

A homophone is written on the puzzle piece and the matching homophone is written on the puzzle board

2. Homework opoly (Could be used for behavior too?)

Homework-opoly... Great incentive for turning in homework! I like how this uses the whole board!

3.  I am just drooling over these!
CLASSROOM MGMT READY REMINDERS - Classroom Decorations  | Frog Street Press      BEHAVIOR MGMT READY REMINDERS  | Frog Street Press

4.  I may have to make these over the summer!

Spark Student Motivation: Medals

5.  Another summer project:  A calming jar

cool down jar

I had a very special guest to my little blog today.  I was amazed and shocked when I got a comment from Greg Tang himself!  He has launched a website until the official one becomes available!  Here it is!


Have a restful weekend!



  1. Thanks for linking up! I love all of your pins!

  2. Thanks for visiting. This is one of my favorite linkys!