Friday, May 3, 2013

May currently

My family of five is very tight knit.  We are about 11 hours away from our families so we depend on each other a lot.  We spend an immense amount of time together.  I love getting away every once in a while, but I really miss my four men.

Before the economy tanked many moons ago, my husband and I would switch taking the boys out for a date night.  The time with their dad was "guy time" while time with me was setting the scene for how to respect and take care of a lady.  Tonight we are finally able to start again.  We have an extra guy in the picture now, but he is a tag a long for now.  It will be interesting when we have to go three ways for only a few short years (My oldest will be 15 next month!).  Tonight I got to spend time with my middle boy.  He just won third place in the science fair and wanted to start planning for next year.  We went to the beloved Target (Starbucks was having 1/2 frappucinos!!!). He used his monthly allowance to pick up drawing supplies so he could start sketching his inventions.  We went  to our favorite Chinese restaurant where they know us and she calls us "my friends".  Then next to the restaurant is a frozen yogurt bar which is locally owned and great!

Summer is coming so fast and I really want my 1st graders to be prepared.  I just feel like I am running out of time!  On the other hand, I am tired and I need a chance to regroup!

I still feel stretched out in so many different ways.  I would really like a clone to help me in the classroom (no assistant with 25 students).  I need one to stay home and clean my house.  I need one to get up with my baby so I can sleep a solid 8 hours!

I have wanted a spa day for so many years.  I just have not splurged.  It sounds wonderful, but if I could just have a day where I did not have to worry about cooking, cleaning, laundry....

I never get everything on my bucket list done.  I always have good intentions, but usually my family get all my focus in the summer.  I can keep trying though.



  1. I found your blog through Farley's link-up, and I'm a former NC blogger too! :) Give yourself a spa day ... or maybe just draw a nice bath and make a spa day one afternoon or evening? Give big brother the run of the house (or is that a bad idea?!!). ;)

    Ms. BBZ: Integrated Learning in Second Grade

  2. Found you via Farley's rule of 3.... I can relate to the summer comment... coming too quickly, and not quick enough... funny how teacher's crave the summer break, but not... ha ha!

  3. I too found your blog though the May Currently.

    It is cool that you have date nights with your sons - sounds like an important 1-on-1 way to keep involved with them & talk.

    I love my family too, and we're awful close. My parents are considering retiring in another state, so I am getting my plans together to move as well, that's just a given!

    I never finish my summer bucket list either, good thing "we take summer's off" right?!