Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Good intentions......

So I had every intention of having flip flop math day today.  I got my boys up early.  We got on the road early.  I have to print my stuff at school since I am out of ink and I do not get paid until the end of the month (North Carolina pay schedule stinks!  Once a month!  Really?).  I got to school and our printer is out of toner.  So I go to the computer lab, their printer is on the fritz.  By this time my time is about gone.  I ran down to one of my friends in 4th grade to use a student computer in her room.  Oh my gosh, it was one of the dinosaur computers that has to think about EVERYTHING you want it to do!  (Yes I really do want to open that file, maybe this century!)  Nevertheless I did not get printed out what I wanted.  So I had to pull something together last minute.  It worked really well.



Don't let the Pre K title throw you off.  I put the templates up on the projector and my kids copied it with their pattern blocks.  They loved it!  I even heard some of them practicing their shape names ("There is a hexagon, a rhombus..."  and "I need another hexagon.").  I got a chance to work with a small group and I just changed the picture when they indicated they were done.

By the way, thank you to the three people that pinned my Detective Dogs.  All 3 of you won the unit so check your email!

8 days and tomorrow is Flip Flop Math Day!