Tuesday, May 14, 2013

three addends monster freebie

17 days to go!  I am so ready.  It is taking everything I have to maintain a less than chaotic classroom.  Today we had visitors from other charter schools.  I had one child having an all out fit. While the next group was walking by we were TRYING to get to lunch (rather loudly!).  We made it though.  Everyone is still alive and unharmed!  That is my accomplishment today!  I wanted to show you one of the freebies I have been using in my dice centers for the last couple of weeks.  The kids really like it.  This freebie is practicing three addend math while letting the students be creative!  It is

from Ashley at Flying High in First Grade.  Click here or the picture for a link to the blog post.

Here are a couple of my students creating their own monsters!

The students roll the dice.  They add the numbers and that tells them how many of each body part their monster should have.  So they could have 18 legs and 3 toes or two heads and 12 eyes.  The monsters turn out very funny!

Click those ruby slippers and say "There is no time like summer vacation," because we are almost home!!!


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