Saturday, May 4, 2013

I am joining Second Grade Nest's linky to show you a day of my life!  This is my day on Thursday!  I am going to start at 12 because I have a baby!
So at 2:00 this is my view.  As you can see, I spilled a little!  I was tired.

Then again at 5:00!

I could not crawl out of bed until 6.
I get my boys' things together for school and daycare.  Then it is that familiar view again!

Four bottles made this time.  My boys get up at 6:15 and we head out the door at 6:55!  I say goodbye to my little guy.  Dad takes him to day care.

Here is my view outside my house!

 I take my boys to school with me, so here is my view inside my van.

 This is the view down my road.  We live in the middle of a working farm (wheat, tobacco, and sweet potatoes).  We have seen lots of sweet potato plants this year!!!

We arrive at school about 7:15-7:20

Here is my first view of my classroom.

The students start coming in at 7:35.  We start class at 8:15.  I have two blocks in the morning.

Then lunch.  We have no cafeteria so we all eat in the room.

Two more blocks and specials.

 The students are all gone by 4.

I leave to pick up my youngest at day care!

After a quick dinner, back to school for the science fair.  My son took home 3rd place for the 3-5 division!

Finally home!!!!  I put my boys to bed and get to bed at 10!  I will start all over tomorrow!  I hope you enjoyed a day in my life!!


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  1. Thanks for linking up! Looks like a fun and busy day for you.

    Second Grade Nest